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Comparing Language Teaching Methods

Comparing Language Teaching Methods
Module 4
What seem to be the least appealing methods? What are the arguments given for their lack of appeal? Do you agree with the arguments?
The least appealing methods in my opinion are: grammar-translation and Suggestopedia. The first one, grammar-translation develops reading and writing skills and allows translating from one language to another, let students apply grammar rules and sentence structure but one of the disadvantages is its lack on students’ motivation that can carry on  frustration and an erroneous idea of what language is.  The second one, Suggestopedia approach, even though it eliminates physiological barriers to learning and provides a relaxing environment, increases oral ability, it has the disadvantage that students do not advance in comprehension skills.
Although I chose the two methods above as the least appealing to me, I consider them useful in some students’ cases; I won’t eliminate them at all from my teaching practice, sometimes these methods fit perfectly to improve students’ performance according to their learning style (kinesthetic, visual, verbal, social), a fusion with others methods helps students to reach learning goals and gain self-confidence (suggestopedia) when learning a new language.

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